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        My grandmother has 120 acres with lots and lots of trees, it also has a stream. Every fall i go to their house and take an almost two hour hike.but i take the hike because i love the explosions of the beautiful red,orange,yellow,gold and green leaves. the stream is getting colder and colder as the temperatures drop. it smells of apple cider, and wood smoke from my grandparent’s house. i can hear the leaves swish in the trees, and crumble under my feet at every step i take. as i eat the freshly picked apple, it is the best apple I've ever had. i always have to step over broken/fallen branches that are covered in moss from the years they have sat their, or i have to go around rocks that are covered in dirt from all the harsh wind. i can smell the dirt as if it just rained. the trees remind me of a messy picture of fall colors. then i have to walk back and have lunch and sit under a blanket. i have lots of memories but this is by far the best.DSCF0463

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